Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Page 523-524

– Guru Arjan Dev Ji

God has always protected his followers. They are blessed with God’s name (connection to God), and once they get a taste of God’s name, they get Satsung (company of God’s people). Their wishes come true and they are saved from vices (bad things originating from Maya – Anger, Lust, Ego, Attachment and Greed) and they get out of the endless cycle of reincarnation. This is all in God’s hands, he himself controls who gets to meditate to him. God: please bless me with company of God’s people so that I can escape this vicious life that is like a raging ocean.

We should keep God in our heart, who gave us birth. God’s worshipers/followers who do Simrun (meditate to God) get happiness, their existence becomes a success and their life becomes pure/of purpose. They are always in high spirits. The blessed people don’t keep wandering in life (no fulfillment) and they are happy with whatever they have (whether it’s good or bad). The blessed people understand the true knowledge (of life), but the ones who are not blessed get stuck in a never ending loop of reincarnation.

People who disrespect/insult God’s followers get immediate spiritual death because God takes away their peace because God doesn’t tolerate his followers going through bad times. He saves his followers from Maya. He gives the haters such a path (as if they are pulled by their hair and dragged) – life form/existence where they never have peace, they have a hard life as if living in hell. God saves his followers from suffering (as if he is hugging them).


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