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Chaupai Sahib sung by Bhai Davinder Singh ji Sodhi

I came across this Shabad BEAUTIFULLY sung by Ragi – Bhai Davinder Singh ji Sodhi, so peaceful. Check it out. If you are stressed out or in pain, listen to this Shabad by Guru Gobind Singh everyday. It’s called Chaupai Sahib. What it’s saying is we should only have faith in The One Almighty God and Not look to anybody else for help. With faith and keeping God in our prayers, all ... »

Kyo Murgi Maarey (Why kill Chicken)…

Bhai Gurpreet Singhji (from Bombay) explains why Sikhs should not eat meat, from Guru’s perspective and from the perspective of animals that get killed for food. »

Jan 17 – Page 793-794

  Hukamnama by Bhagat Ravidas ji Page 793-794 The days that are passing are being used up everyday  – instead of gaining new days, we are losing these days from our total lifespan. Everybody has to die one day, nobody will stay forever. Everybody around us has or will die, and we will too – the Jaws of Death are hovering over us, we don’t know when we will be taken. Hey fool: ... »

Happy Gurpurab (Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh ji)