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DEATH AND OUR REALITY - Bhagat Kabir ji For an oil lamp (used in villages in the past) to give us light so that we can see everything in the house, it needs oil and a wick. When the oil and wick are burnt the house looks empty. Our body is same way, we continue to believe that we own everything but when we die our corpse remains all alone. Nobody wants to keep a dead body at home. Therefore w... »


HOW TO BECOME SPIRITUALLY ALIVE BY Guru Arjun Dev ji > As we remember God via Simran we start becoming spiritually alive and stay that way. The horrible spiritual death will never be able to end our spiritual life. We should cherish human life because we are blessed to be in Human species after going through the hassle of millions of other species. This is our good luck that in this life we can co... »


BENEFITS OF SIMRUN - Guru Arjun Dev ji It's with great luck that our Soul is blessed with human life (our of millions of species), therefore we should make the journey of life successful via Simrun (meditation to God). This way we get respect in this life and after-life (when we die) and our soul gets to meet God. God's worship helps us escape vicious Maya (5 forms) even when death is near. Th... »

WHAT IS A COMPLETE GURU? by Guru Arjun Dev ji

WHAT IS A COMPLETE GURU? by Guru Arjun Dev ji > In Gurbani, we see several references to "Sat Guru" or "Poora Guru" meaning Complete Guru. This means all of our Gurus (including Guru Granth Sahib ji, we Complete Guru i.e. They are not missing anything, free of 5 forms of Maya). All other humans who claim to be Guru might have "Powers" but they are all incomplete. Waheguru has Saved me in my battle... »


HOW TO WIN THE GAME OF LIFE - Bhagat Kabir ji God created us from a drop (human reproduction system) and protected us in a mother's womb (very hot temperature) but upon birth Maya (5 forms) takes over our mind. This is why we should stay away from Maya and save our precious life. We are blessed with Human life because of great deeds we did in our past life. We should sow the seeds of God's nam... »