December 2014

NAAM IS PRICELESS by Guru Arjun Dev ji

NAAM IS PRICELESS by Guru Arjun Dev ji > Naam (God's name) is such a priceless object that it can't be obtained with magical powers or when we are chasing Maya. This object is found in Guru's treasure. This object makes our heart filled with love for God and gives us Spiritual life. This world is an interesting game because God's name can't be obtained by our Knowledge/ego. »


HOW TO PRAISE GOD? by Guru Arjun Dev ji > You have so many qualities and unlimited greatness that there is no end to it. Then how can we praise you? You forgive millions of our Sins, you show us the path in different ways. Even though we are foolish and have very little knowledge of spiritual life (our Soul), you still love us unconditionally. »


THIS IS HOW TERRIBLE OUR LIFE IS WITHOUT GOD by Guru Ramdas ji > Guruji says God should make these women Barren whose kids grow up to be humans without God in their heart because without God they worry and go through problems and keep on dying spiritually. We should do Naam Simran of God's name who lives inside your heart. People who are blessed by God get Spiritual awakening and they know the val... »


WE ARE SELFISH MANMUKHS by Guru Amardas ji Manmukh (one who doesn't listen to Guru) is attached to Maya, is not connected to God, and everything he does is dirt/waste and they think these destructive items are support for life. They spend their time collecting money and material objects but in the end everything becomes ashes (useless) as we die we don't take anything with us. They try to do re... »

OUR ONLY HOPE by Guru Arjun Dev ji

OUR ONLY HOPE by Guru Arjun Dev ji - God is the only one who can help us. People try different ways (Not Gurbani or what God has asked us) to solve their problems these are all pointless. Naam-Simran is the only thing that gives us eternal joy. Naam-Simran is priceless because it is given by Guru himself and it gives us strength to not get lured by Vikaars (5-evils) and we become content. »

EGO vs GOD by Guru Amardas ji

THE ABUNDANT GOD by Guru Amardas ji The whole world is stuck in Ego and is going down the drain everyday. We should remember God till our last breath because without God and ego in life we forget about our journey after death. This is the eternal law that without Guru's blessing we can't do Simran. With Guru's blessing we start loving God and stay connected to God. God is amazing, he is ... »

WE ARE WASTING AWAY by Guru Amardas ji

WE ARE WASTING AWAY by Guru Amardas ji > Without Naam-simran in our life, we are like Zombies keep wandering forever. We continue to do all the wrong things, powered by our ego, that only take us down the dark side. But when we come to Waheguru we get spiritual joy. »


SPIRITUALLY AWAKENING by Guru Arjun Dev ji - After hearing Waheguru's name, the Spiritual-Life within me is awakened and this desire of Naam-Simran can only be fulfilled with Guru's blessing. »


NEVER ENDING TREASURE OF NAAM-SIMRAN by Guru Amardas ji > The treasure of Naam-Simran never ends, it's not something we can spend it all or lose it. This treasure is a gift from Waheguru and with Waheguru's blessing I have ingrained God in my heart. When Waheguru blesses us with the gift of Naam-Simran we become Kings of eternal life of our soul. »


GOD OR NO GOD by Guru Amardas ji > God: you have been protecting your Bhagats(lovers/followers) since the beginning of time, like Prahlad. Those who have faith in you they know you are there to help them, but those who follow their own mind they are always lost chasing maya. Bhagats don't fear death because they only have God's name in their heart which makes them fearless. Through Guru Bhagats ar... »

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