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Hukamnama by Bhagat Ravidas ji Page 973-974 OUR REAL LIFE SUPPORT – Bhagat Ravidas ji People talk about God, hear about God, read about God but our desires keep us selfish and away from God. How could we possibly meet or see God until we get blessed by God (like we need the magical stone to turn iron into Gold). Our 5 enemies -Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Anger – have robbed us o... »

HOW DO WE “SEE” GOD? by Bhagat Ravidas ji

HOW DO WE "SEE" GOD? by Bhagat Ravidas ji > It's easy to notice with people and objects around us. When we have ego we are unable to "see" God (connect to God who is within us). God is in everything and everything, he created everything. We must not forget this and always remember God. The day we give up ego, we are able to "see" God. »

Jan 17 – Page 793-794

¬† Hukamnama by Bhagat Ravidas ji Page 793-794 The days that are passing are being used up everyday¬†¬†– instead of gaining new days, we are losing these days from our total lifespan. Everybody has to die one day, nobody will stay forever. Everybody around us has or will die, and we will too – the Jaws of Death are hovering over us, we don’t know when we will be taken. Hey fool: ... »