September 2016


WHAT DOES GOD DO by Guru Arjun Dev ji? God is capable of forgiving our sins. He exists in all creation (which he created), he is constantly watching everything, he is the speaker and he is the listener. We should embed God in our heart and have him in our mind all the time. Whatever goes on is God's will, he has all the power and he does as he pleases (we don't question God's actions). He is so po... »


THE ULTIMATE HELPING HAND by Guru RamDas ji > We should do Naam-Simran to connect with God who is capable of granting us endless happiness and our wishes. With Naam-Simran we get limitless joy and happiness. With Naam-Simran we get respect in this world and in the world to come (afterlife). If we have love for God in your heart, all problems and issues run away from us. Even then we can only do Si... »

POWERED BY GOD by Guru Nanak Dev ji

Hukamnama by 1st Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji Page 795-796 POWERED BY GOD – Guru Nanak Dev ji God knows of pain and suffering of all creatures and he listens to everyone’s prayers. God created this universe and he is watching his powerful creation. Dear God: When you bless someone with meditation to your (God’s) name, he gets accepted in your court. God is unaffected by Maya (5... »