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WE ARE WASTING OUR VALUABLE LIFE by Bhagat Kabir ji > Even if denounce family life and live in the jungle and survive on basic foods such as vegetables, our sinful mind still doesn't give up 5 evils.I can't give up my attachment to these 5, I tried so hard to control my mind, but I keep getting stuck in Maya. Old age is here, youth is gone but I haven't done anything good. My life was valuable but... »

THANK YOU GOD by Guru Arjun Dev ji

THANK YOU GOD by Guru Arjun Dev ji Dear God: those who you bless never have any problems in life. They don't do things out of ego of Maya and they no longer fear death. You are the protector of the Sants (Those who give their control over to God and do what Guru says) and Sant depend upon you. Your followers have no worries, no fear, not even of death. I did not value your blessings in the p... »

WHERE DOES GOD LIVE by Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

WHERE DOES GOD LIVE by Guru Teg Bahadur Ji > God - who is free of Maya - is within you, but you are looking for him out there in Jungles. We are blessed with Human specials (of 84 million species) and this is the only time we can do Naam-Simran and get out of this cycle of life and death. Please use this life to connect to Waheguru via Naam-Simran. »


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE FORGET GOD by Guru Arjun Dev Ji > When we forget God we get disrespected at hands of Maya. Dear God, if someone has your support they don't get cheated by any form of Maya. Life without God is like Snake's life - long but spent producing venom. If someone rules the whole world and is without Simran they lose the battle of human life upon death. God is treasure of great qualiti... »


WHO IS THE REAL PREACHER by Guru Arjun Dev ji > The real preacher is that person who lives his life according to teachings and way of life laid out by God (This is what all religious books teach). When we do that, Maya (5 evils) don't affect us and we get God's blessing and our life becomes beautiful. This type of preachers are hard to find. »


WHO IS A BHAGAT? by Guru Ramdas ji > God's lover/follower (Bhagat) always praised God. When people disrespect a Bhagat, he/she doesn't change his attitude and his qualities (they don't go from love to hate). Why? Because they know God is doing whatever is happening, through people.A Bhagat knows that God has created everything using 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air, space) and he has filled the... »

OCEAN OF PEARLS by Guru Nanak Dev ji

OCEAN OF PEARLS by Guru Nanak Dev ji >> Guru is like an Ocean full of Pearls of Praise-discussion of God. A Gursikh can get Spiritual life from this Ocean, and with God's blessing Gursikhs stay close to him. Then there are those people who confuse dirty puddles with this Ocean and waste their time pursuing 5-evils or praying somebody other than the Almighty God. »