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WHAT'S THE BEST THING GOD CAN DO FOR US? by Guru RamDas ji - God: We are blinded by Maya and ignorant of Spiritual life and we don't know the purpose of our life we can't follow your path. Please take us in so that we can follow your path. »


Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji Page 785-786 PERFECT BRIDE – Guru Amardas ji Dear Soul (considered feminine) – if you accept God then you will be like a bride (with Husband God in your life). This can be done through Guru and with Guru’s blessing our life becomes colorful (God being the color). With Guru, you will be able to do such a perfect make-up that will never... »

THE REAL TREASURE by Guru Arjun Dev Ji

THE REAL TREASURE by Guru Arjun Dev Ji > Waheguru is a treasure of happiness and joy, when we praise him via Naam-Simran we get eternal peace, our problems go away and our faith becomes solid. Waheguru gives us Whatever we ask for. Those who do Naam-Simran, they also escape the cycle of life-death-rebirth (that's how we get out of this ocean-like life full of problems). »


RELIGIOUS ACTS ARE USELESS - Bhagat Namdev ji People who make their living stealing money but does religious acts should be called a thief. God has blessed me and saved me from these fake religious acts. We should connect with God and get out of this scam. We should earn an honest living and also have a clean character if we want to connect with God. »


TREASURE OF NAAM - Guru Nanak Dev Ji God lovers never fear fighting Vikaars (sinful thoughts/acts coming from 5 forms of Maya - Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) and they don't die spiritual death (when they are alive). They escape reincarnation (cycle of life-death-rebirth). These people are rare in this world. God is amazing as he created this world and has given people Maya to chase. ... »


WHY SHOULD WE SEEK COMPANY OF GODS PEOPLE by Guru Amardas ji Those who follow only Shabad (Word) Guru (Guru Granth Sahib ji) stay connected to God and they get blessed with all treasures and spiritual powers that can cause miracles (but we are forbidden to do miracles for personal gain). If you think about it - Naam can only be blessed by God himself, and when we get it, we get never-ending E... »

ENLIGHTENMENT by Guru Nanak Dev ji

ENLIGHTENMENT by Guru Nanak Dev ji We can only meet (or connect with) God with Guru's blessing himself (by surrendering ourselves to Guru) because God is within Guru (he has given that power to Guru) and now Guruji has revealed this secret to us. When we meet such Guru - who have eliminated Maya from his mind - he has the power to eliminate it from our mind too. We should stop wasting time on ... »

OCEAN OF FIRE by Guru Nanak Dev Ji

OCEAN OF FIRE by Guru Nanak Dev Ji > This life is like an ocean full of Pain and Sorrow - that makes my soul shake - I can't see any other Saviour, other than God, who can help. I am going to Pray to and rely on God who is forever giving, and he doesn't get annoyed by our (humans') daily whining and demands. He always gives with an attitude as if he is giving for first time. We should always remem... »


WHO KNOWS GOD'S LIMITS? by Bhagat Kabir ji > Kabir ji says, even the Devta's or their sons or other great warriors who were devoted to God, have not been able to find The Almighty's secret (His Limits) - his beginning - his end - it's a secret that nobody has been able to know since the beginning of time. »

THE ILLUSION OF MAYA by Guru Arjun Dev ji

THE ILLUSION OF MAYA by Guru Arjun Dev ji > We are blind fools, these 5-evils are destroying us and insulting us but we don't see them because we are blinded by our desires and greed. Just like birds are trapped by putting bird food on a net, we are getting trapped by Maya and we don't see the trap. To get out of Maya's trap, I am embedding God's name in my heart (by doing Naam-Simran). »

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