August 2016

Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev ji Page 761-762 GOD: PLEASE GRANT ME THIS WISH… – Guru Arjan Dev ji People who just read religious books and preach aggressively are only giving empty talks. Preaching without true love for God in our heart is fake. Bhagats (God’s true lovers/followers) have God in their heart. When we meditate to God in company of Guru’s followe... »


Hukamnama by 1st Guru – Guru Nanak Dev Ji Page 765-766 FIND AND BEFRIEND THESE PEOPLE… – Guru Nanak Dev Ji God created this universe and he takes care of it, and he made the world chase Maya. When God blesses us we feel the light of God within us – sort of like a moon shining in our body. With this purity of God’s name, the darkness of problems and worry is eliminated... »


Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji Page 767-768 FORMULA FOR UNSHAKABLE STRENGTH – Guru Amardas ji We should sing the song praising God who gives us eternal peace. When we give ourselves to Guru and do Naam-Simran, God blesses us and we connect with him, all of our worries and problems are resolved and we become happy. Naam-Simran gives us unshakable strength and eternal peace for ... »

WHY MAYA IS IMPORTANT by Bhagat Kabir ji

Maya - human bride - is great, it's not bad, it's pure, it is human need. Without it we get distracted. Maya affects everybody from regular people to kings to semi-Gods like Shiv, Vishnu, Brahma etc. Only God's people escape Maya. »

EGO vs GOD by Guru Amardas ji

THE ABUNDANT GOD by Guru Amardas ji The whole world is stuck in Ego and is going down the drain everyday. We should remember God till our last breath because without God and ego in life we forget about our journey after death. This is the eternal law that without Guru's blessing we can't do Simran. With Guru's blessing we start loving God and stay connected to God. God is amazing, he is ... »