Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev ji
Page 761-762

– Guru Arjan Dev ji

People who just read religious books and preach aggressively are only giving empty talks. Preaching without true love for God in our heart is fake. Bhagats (God’s true lovers/followers) have God in their heart. When we meditate to God in company of Guru’s followers we get rid of problems and attachment.

People who are disconnected from God never enjoy true spiritual peace. These people are stuck in material possessions, fake preaching, and ego and invite problems and worry in their life. They forget God and chase Maya (5 forms – ego, greed, anger, lust and attachment) and Maya keeps them busy and decides whether they have problems or happiness.

Our exhaustive research concludes that only God’s name can give us spiritual peace. We lose the game of life (when we die) if we don’t have God in it. Then we get stuck in cycle of reincarnation because we die spiritually. Their life goes to waste without the knowledge of spiritual life.

With God’s blessing, we find Guru’s company and therefore they meditate on God’s name – that gives us spiritual life. Infinite number of people are looking for God, but only those get close to God who are blessed by God himself. You should pray to God for his blessing so that you stay connected to him and never forget him.


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