Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev ji
Page 547-548

– Guru Arjan Dev ji

Our duty is to do the right thing. We should praise and talk about God. Why are you quiet? Look carefully – those who chase Maya (5 forms – Lust, Ego, Anger, Greed, and Attachment) leave this world empty handed (when they die). Only thing we take with us after death is God’s name. Any effort made for Kingdom, clothes, gold, silver etc are useless. Attachment to Son, Wife, popularity, horses (cars) etc also takes us on the path to Vikaars (acts that take us away from God, or sin). Guruji requests that without Saadh-Sangat (company of God’s people) everything is useless.

Dear leader of the world: Why are you asleep with greed for Maya? Why don’t you become alert? Many people fake crying/worrying over Maya. Many people work hard/suffer for Maya, but nobody found peace without God’s name. Many people try thousands of clever tricks but can’t escape the greed of Maya. How could they? People can only go where God allows them. God is omnipressent (everywhere) and in every soul. Those who meet Guru (and listen and follow Guru’s advice) leave this world respectfully and go to God.

If someone becomes a king, he thinks his servants/employees are his and he gets attached (to his kingdom and everything that comes with it). But we have to detach from everything and people attached to Maya get sad when they have to leave empty handed. People have this delusion of heaven a place that exists in the sky, and they try to create heaven in their life but they forget this life isn’t permanent. Without God’s name, being stuck in different things, people waste their life.

The attitude of “I want to be big” (famous/more money, belongings etc) increases our lust for things and we don’t serve our true purpose of Life (God) and we don’t live the true spiritual life. Lots of creatures regret (their life decisions, near death) without God’s name. With God’s blessing we find Guru and God holds our hands and saves us from depths of Maya. Those who meditate to God in Saadh-Sangat get saved from their sins, and their problems go away. The biggest act of religion is to meditate to God, the biggest act of charity is charity of Naam (teaching others to connect to God) because this is the only thing that goes with our soul (after death). Those who continue to meditate to God get filled with love for God. When God blesses you, then you will get wise in all qualities (everything possible).


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