Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev ji
Page 521-522

– Guru Arjan Dev ji

People who are blessed by God always have deep love for God through their connection with Saadh-Sangat (positive people who put God first and always praise and talk about God). We should meditate to God who exists within everything including water and land and everywhere in the universe. When we meditate to God our life becomes free of all problems.

The words that come from God’s lovers have value, we should listen to them. What they say is also accepted in the court of God. God’s lovers are immersed in love for God and only look to God for support.

The blessed people’s problems are eliminated, and Maya (based on lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego) can’t come near them. God’s lovers live on the divine joy that comes from meditation to God and they stay content.


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