Hukamnama by Bhagat Kabir Ji
Page 509-510

Bhagat Kabir Ji

The passage to escape Maya (Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Ego) is very tiny, even smaller than a very fine grain. When our ego driven mind is like a careless elephant, how could we possible pass through? If we find a Guru, who blessed us, then this passage becomes wider and we can easily pass through.

The escape passage is very small, only those who can become very small can pass through. When I am fat with ego, how could I possibly pass through? When our Ego is eliminated by meeting Guru, we are filled with God’s light and we then able to escape Maya and filled with unshakable faith.

God create everything including Maya and has everything in his control. When we forget that God is the creator and doer, only talk about Maya, we don’t find God and instead waste our time in Maya. When we experience death from Maya while we are alive, after meeting Guru, we truly understand that everything is controlled by Maya, and we connect with God. We understand that God knows everything, controls everything and he feels happy after seeing everything.


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