Hukamnama by Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Page 779-780

– Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Dear God, you are Almighty owner, Maya (5 forms – Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) can’t affect you. You have many servants like me. You are like an ocean full of pearls. I haven’t valued you enough, please bless me because you are the wise one. Bless me so that I stay connected to you, at your feet, and that I should do Simran (meditation to God) all the time. Only then I can have a higher state of spirituality.

You are the owner, with no limits and big heart, you are the groom and us creatures are your brides(our soul is feminine, God is the Male husband). I am very small, nothing is mine, and you are the only one who knows everything. You are capable of giving spiritual life to anybody in blink of an eye, and I feel like I have indulged in top most pleasure of all pleasures. You make my heart smile, I have come to your refuge, bless me and make me the servant of your servants (because they are connected to God). God is within every creatures and everything happens with God’s will.

I only look up to you for support. Every good quality that I have is your blessing, and I understand only what you teach me. Only the blessed ones understand this. Some souls only do what they desire (not what God teaches us) and wander away from path of God and keep getting stuck in Maya. God blesses souls that he likes with great qualities, and they enjoy eternal spiritual joy.

Dear God: you are like a big mountain of support for me, I am proud of you and devoted to you. I thank you for eliminating the wandering from my mind. People who truly love God get rid of all forms of vices (arising from 5 forms of Maya), and the darkness is eliminated from their lives. These people don’t look up to the world, their life becomes successful and they are accepted by God. The life becomes invaluable and they are accepted in a place where there is no vices (Vikaars) and they understand the meaning of life. With God’s support I am fearless of Maya.


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