Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Page 783-784

– Guru Arjan Dev Ji

It’s in God’s nature to help and support Saints (people who are devoted to God) and he himself sorts things out for them. People who are blessed with God’s name (deep connection and love for God) become pure both in their life and their heart. They leave everything to God and God grants all their wishes. They are respected worldwide and their worries and problems are eliminated. They love doing Simrun (meditation to God). This is God’s nature and is praised by all ancient religious scriptures. God’s people have all the treasures and powers to create miracles etc – they have everything.

This treasure never depletes even if you keep sharing, instead it increases. Problems and worries stay way from God’s people. They become calm and solid in their faith in God, and Maya (everything based on Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) doesn’t affect them. God himself connects saints to him and we don’t have any power over this. God’s lovers always praise God and talk about him and live the true spiritual life with eternal joy. God is so great, I can’t even express everything in words. Saints are blessed with pure heart and good deeds and also their heart becomes like a pilgrimage.

God has turned sinners into good people via Guru’s words. No human is capable of real praise of God. My prayer to God, always, is to bless me with his Name and that I never forget him. Once we are blessed, we are forever connected to God. With God’s blessing we achieve true spiritual life and all of our wishes and desires come true.


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