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WHAT’S THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN LIFE [Feb 20 – Page 729-730]

WHAT'S THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN LIFE? by Guru Nanak Dev Ji - People who get this blessing don't need to chase anybody else, other than God, and their soul doesn't get any trouble after death because our soul becomes pure with God's blessing. God is capable of creating and destroying life-systems (planets). »

WHO IS GOD’S REAL FOLLOWER? [Feb 16 – Page 577-578]

WHO IS GOD'S REAL FOLLOWER? by Guru Arjun Dev ji ---- The real followers (devotees) of God are the ones who please God. The real truth is that God is no different from a Sant (Saint - the one who loves God and have no attachment to any form of Maya and always does Naam-simran). Just like water mixed with water becomes one, real followers' soul is always connected to God. These people understand t... »