WHO IS GOD’S REAL FOLLOWER? [Feb 16 – Page 577-578]


Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji
Page 577-578

Why do you listen to destructive elements (attachment to 5 evils)? These things will disappear like wind. Only those ears (those people) are acceptable to God who listen to praise of God and discussion of Gurbani. I have most respect for those people who listen to God’s name (Naam-Simran) and do Naam-Simran. These people have solid belief in God and are on this planet to pass

through this world, that is really an ocean full of evil, using Naam-Simran. When God blesses us he stops keeping account of our sins and good deeds because we are on the right path.

I have seen the world with my eyes but I am not content I want to see more (attachment to material objects). Waheguru can not be seen by our eyes, he can be see with different type of eyes because those eyes have no desire to see any material objects. I have lots of respect for those who have “seen” God because they are always connected to God. They get respect everywhere they go and are always content, happy, and they see God inside everyone.

Those people who don’t have God in their mind are lost in dark world of Maya (5 evils). We only become successful when we have

God’s name in our mind. Although God loves us all, but he is pleased with the ones who love God more than anything else – these people have no desire for material objects and can not be touched by 5 evils.

The real followers (devotees) of God are the ones who please God. The real truth is that God is no different from a Sant (Saint – the one who loves God and have no attachment to any form of Maya and always does Naam-simran). Just like water mixed with water becomes one, real followers’ soul is always connected to God. These people understand that God exists everywhere, they have solid faith in God and can not be distracted by 5-evils.

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