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Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji

**Hukamnama for Days: Jun 22, Sep 25, [2014]: July 10, July 14, Nov 2, [2015]: Feb 14, [2016]: Feb 20

– Guru Arjun Dev ji

Dear God: you are the creator and whatever you wish happens and nobody else has power or control over it. You are the hope for us creatures and we look up to you. This is why we should keep doing Naam-Simran to stay connected to God. God is the provider and protector of all creation.

God is abundant, limitless and out of reach and immortal. Those who pray to God have no fear and never have any pain and suffering. We can only pray with God’s blessing. Dear God: everything we see in this world is you in different forms.

We should give the most respect to those people who do a lot of Naam-simran, because company of such people helps us get through this ocean like world full of pain and suffering. God please connect me to Saint-like people (so that I can always do Naam-Simran).


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