OUR ONLY HOPE by Guru Arjun Dev ji

Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji
Page 671-672

**Hukamnama for days: Jan 6, Jun 26, Oct 8, [2014]: June 7, July 9, Sep 26, [2014]: Nov 25, Dec 13, [2015]: Oct 3

– Guru Arjun Dev ji

The One (God) who gave us our body and mind is also the one who gave us money and other things we need, he is the wise one and pure being. He listens to our problems, guides us in bad times – when our prayers are requests are heard we get filled with joy.

God is the only one who can help us. People try different ways (Not Gurbani or what God has asked us) to solve their problems these are all pointless. Naam-Simran is the only thing that gives us eternal joy. Naam-Simran is priceless because it is given by Guru himself and it gives us strength to not get lured by Vikaars (5-evils) and we become content.

When someone gets Naam-Simran blessing, they treat everybody equally and see God in whole creation – just like a Jeweler melts a bunch of different types of Gold articles and melts then into one piece of Gold (that all jeweler is made of).

When we see the light (blessing of Naam-Simran), our soul becomes strong, gets peace, we get unshakable faith in God and we are respect everywhere (This world and beyond). When we get to this level, Guruji has a special place for us.


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