Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji
Page 811-812

**Hukamnama for days:[2016]: Dec 7,   [2014]: March 7, [2013]: Jan 20, March 24, June 25, July 30

– Guru Arjun Dev ji

Bhagats are people who are devoted to God and follow everything God wants us to do and are not affected by Maya (5 evils), there are pure joy to be around because it feels like you are around a high energy source.

In today’s Hukamnama, Guruji says we should find any excuse to be around a Bhagat. Guru Arjun Dev ji himself used to do a lot of seva, he would get water ready for Sevadaars (volunteers) for bathing, and water ready for drinking (in old days it wasn’t as easy as turning on a tap instead water had to take out of a Well). Guruji says I’d rather do daily chores for a Bhagat, like clean his house, get water, crush wheat grain into flour etc, than wasting time chasing rich/powerful people.

Guruji says stale food or a ripped-up cloth from a Bhagat is much preferred than good food and expensive cloth from a rich money who is disconnected from God. We should stay away from people who are disconnected from God because they are all about chasing Maya. When we spend time with a Bhagat, they bring us closer to God and therefore we are able to improve our life and even our after-life. We should always pray to stay connected with Guru’s Sangat (gathering of people who are interested in connecting with God and talking about Gurbani).


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