Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji
Page 705-706

**Hukamnama for days: [2016]: Sep 26, [2015]: Jan 23, March 8, Aug 8, Sep 26,  

[2014]: Jan 15, April 18, June 8, Aug 11, Aug 15, [2013]:Jan 14, Aug 14, Aug 28, Nov 5

– Guru Arjun Dev ji

Sant-Jans (people who are like saints and given themselves to God) are always connected to the Almighty God who exists everywhere and is going to stay forever (There is no end to God).

God is capable of forgiving our sins. He exists in all creation (which he created), he is constantly watching everything, he is the speaker and he is the listener. We should embed God in our heart and have him in our mind all the time.

Whatever goes on is God’s will, he has all the power and he does as he pleases (we don’t question God’s actions). He is so powerful that he can create or destroy anything in a split second. God gives us enlightenment and when we are blessed our lives become pure (without Sin and free of 5 forms of Maya).


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