Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji
Page 567-568

– Guru Amardas ji

As per Sikhi, Our soul is feminine and God is the male husband. Guruji says our soul gets respect when it detaches from Maya (5 forms – Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) and immersed in love of Husband God, through Guru’s words. The love of God keeps the soul connected to God. God in return makes our life beautiful. This happens when we give up selfishness and follow Guru’s instructions.

Note to self (soul): Always see God in and around you. God is in every atom (of everything, everyone, everywhere). God lives beyond human death in every age of time (Centuries). The soul that becomes humble and gets unshakable faith in spiritual life and meditates to God, meets God forever. When the soul tastes God’s name, and starts discussing and praising God, it always stays immersed in God. God loves the souls that stay connected to him via Guru’s word.

Connected souls know the truth. The ones who haven’t given up selfishness have not given themselves to God. When we eliminate ‘self’ we are filled with unconditional love for God.¬†They connected souls has unshakable faith in God and stay connected via Simran (meditation to God).

You are moving towards spiritual death. Let go of self/ego and do what Guru says – only then you can earn a place in God’s presence. The souls who listen to Guru and connect to God become forever lucky as they are blessed by God. Guru’s word keeps our soul connected to God forever.

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