Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Page 543-544

– Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Dear Almighty God: Please bless me so that I stay connected to you via meditation of Gurbani that gives me spiritual life and praise you and accept everything you do. You are my only hope. Everything I have from physical body to material objects is your blessing. I beg you – I am naive, ignorant, foolish, weak, helpless, and low. I have come to you. One way to connect to God is via Gurmukhs (who follow Guru) because we talk about God in their company. Even the tiniest company of Bhagats (God’s people) is so powerful that it converts a lowlife into pure soul. These God’s people have the power to bless others, and they keep giving everyday and they keep getting more of it. God’s true followers get supernatural powers from God without asking. We need luck to have company of Gurmukh friends.

People who do the business of Simrun (meditation to God) become wealthy with treasure of Naam-Simrun and they earn God’s praise and discussion. People who stay connected to God are not affected by evil forces of lust, anger, greed. They see God as their true partner with full faith and are filled with love for God. They are always excited about God, and they stay wealthy with God’s name forever.

We should meditate to God – the creator of everything. We should go to Guru because with Guru we never forget God. God’s worshippers are not overpowered by disease, worry or fear. They have almost crossed the ocean of life filled with problems, with the blessing rewarded for their good deeds/Simrun in their past life. They are always in high spirits, they become content by finding God. I pray that my wish to connect God with Naam-Simrun comes true.


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