Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji
Page 583-584

– Guru Amardas ji

Our human soul is considered Feminine and God is the male husband. Dear Brides: you should follow Guru’s words to praise/discuss God to serve him. The souls who don’t connect with God are filled with vices, always wander, die spiritually, and always have problems. They get stuck in cycle of reincarnation and stuck in Maya (5 forms – Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Ego). The souls who stay connected with God, their husband God is always around and never dies (for them). These souls always have love for God. This is why we need to meditate to God.

God has created this cycle of reincarnation and Maya. Because of Maya our sins and Vices keep increasing, and without the knowldge of Spiritual life we lose the joy and treasure of Spiritual life. Since God is the Doer, is there a need to cry over Spiritual death? God never dies, the naiive soul loses God and spends it’s life stuck in Maya, the physical body grows old and weak. The material possessions are destroyed (we lose them) with our death. We feel sad because of greed of Maya. We fight because of Maya, and forget our death (that we will lose it all).

Souls disconnected from God are always unhappy, and blinded by Maya forget that God is always with them. Connected souls are blessed by Guru and meet God and they always see God with and around them. Disconnected Souls think God is far away, their physical body is useless, and without God they wander in worry and problems.


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