Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji
Page 771-772

– Guru Amardas ji

In Sikhi all humans are considered females (our soul) and our male Husband is God. Dear naiive soul, if you want to meet your husband God, stay connected to Guru and follow what he says. You will be forever married because His neither does not he has any end. With God’s blessing, we become protected from our vices (coming from Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego), and we become pure and by following Huey’s instructions we stay connected to our Spiritual life (people not connected to God are spiritually dead). God has no end, and God came about from himself (he didn’t take birth).

When we connect to God we have unshakable spiritual faith and we always enjoy eternal joy. Our Guru saves us from Vices and helps us staying connected to God. we then stop being selfish and become immersed in love for God, and we get respect from God.By giving up our self, and always meditating to God, we stay connected to him and GOD eliminates Attachment from our mind, and we become pure and we get a special place with God. God’s appearance can’t be described and he has existed in 4 ages of time (that humans have known) and has always commanded the universe.

Our meeting with God purifies us. We are stuck in attachment (to people, things status etc), but when God takes over our mind we escape attachment and stay connected to God. By following Guru’s instructions, we purify ourselves and find/connect to God.

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