WHY WE DO SEWA (SERVE OTHERS) by Guru Amardas ji

Hukamnama by 3rd Guru – Guru Amardas ji
Page 651-652

**Hukamnama for days: March 6, May 11, May 14, July 2, Oct 29
[2014}: April 9, Aug 24, [2015: Jan 6, March 20, Sep 19

-Guru Amardas ji

When we do God’s Sewa (by Naam-Simran) we get joy and happiness, all problems and issues end, the cycle of life-death ends, the Grim Reaper can’t do anything to us, and we stay connected to God. I love people who have deep love for Waheguru.

In Gurbani, humans (both males and females) are considered female and our groom is God. Here Guruji says, without Gurbani, no matter how much makeup this female (humans) does – it can’t become pure because instead of respecting God she focuses on Maya (5 forms). Humans who are like this are like a characterless woman who is not respected among other women.

God: please bless me so that I do Naam-Simran and I stay connected to you. I have lots of respect for those who do Naam-Simran all day and night, I wish I see these people in person who are connected to God. I am thankful to God for connecting me to love of my life (God).


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