Hukamnama by Guru Ramdas ji
Page 775-776

– Guru Ramdas ji

Dear God’s followers – We should connect with Sangat (other God’s followers) and praise God. We should stay connected to God, through Guru, and God’s praise and discussion has a beneficial effect on our heart. Then, we start seeing God everywhere. God: bless me to stay connected with you through your praise, discussion of you with others. When we connect to God through Guru, we don’t seek or chase anyone else (like demi-Gods, or people etc). God knows what’s in our heart and he exists within all creatures.

People who worship God through Guru’s words see God everywhere. We need Guru’s wisdom to have solid spiritual strength so that we don’t get off our true path of God. With God’s blessing I will have this spiritual strength to meditate to God because God himself brings people to him. Going through life is tough. Those who chase their own mind’s wisdom can’t get through this life successfully (meaning: get to God), because they are filled with negative traits such as Ego, Lust, Anger, Greed, and cleverness etc.

Those who have ego of their own wisdom are not accepted by God, and they waste their life. He gets passed to Yamraj (after-life judge that decide’s fate of our soul), has trouble in life and goes empty handed. People like sons, brothers, family etc can’t help us either, only God’s name helps us. All of this is Maya that we keep stuck in, nothing goes with us after death.

When I ask Guruji: How do I cross this life the right way?
Guruji says that we should live life as laid out by Guru and we can live our normal life and still be protected from Vikaars (vices that destroy us), and then we cross the life successfully. Under Guru’s guidance, we stay connected to God and is lucky to be blessed by God with all good qualities. Then our mind gets illuminated by Spiritual wisdom/life and again we get immersed in God’s name and get respect in this life and afterlife. And through Guru’s guidance we become one with God.

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