Hukamnama by Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Page 812


-Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Dead God: Please bless me that my ears always hear God’s name and keep praising God. And that I put my head down at Saint’s feet (people who live their life according to God) so that I can always meditate to God. With dust off saints’ feet I will always do Simran ( meaning Saint’s always talk about God and any particle of their life will help us right).

Some people start chasing material objects and supernatural powers called Ridhiyaan and Sdhiyaan. I want to stay connected to Saints – that’s my Ridhiyaan and Sidhiyaan. I want to be low (humble, free of ego) and let go of my ego and massage their (saints’) feet and stay connected to their Sangat (company).

Bless me that I don’t ever forget your (God’s) name with every breath so that I don’t look for anyone else but Guru. When we find Guru with your blessing, so that my life becomes successful by getting rid of ego and attachment. With your blessing my life will have sat (truth), santokh (contentment), daya (kindness), dharam (doing the right thing) as the decoration of my spiritual life. Just like a man likes his wife, I want to have the kind of life for which God likes me too.

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