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MY PRAYER TO GOD by Guru Arjun Dev ji

MY PRAYER TO GOD by Guru Arjun Dev ji > Waheguru: Connection with you gives me Spiritual (eternal) joy. Please accept my Ardaas (prayer) and connect me to Guru and bless me with Naam-Simran. »


THE ILLUSION AND THE TRUTH by Guru Arjun Dev ji > Since the beginning of time countless people have reached the top ranks of meditation/spirituality/religion, gained Supernatural powers, and their followers, but nobody stays - everybody has to leave (ie. all die). Only those people are considered successful who did Naam-Simran, spent time in Sangat of God's followers (to discuss/praise God), and c... »

WHY DO SIMRAN IN SANGAT by Guru Arjun Dev ji

WHY DO SIMRAN IN SANGAT by Guru Arjun Dev ji > In Sangat (company of Gurmukhs - God's people) we are protected from distrations of Maya and God becomes our helper. With the bath of Naam-Simran in the pool of God's people, we are able to find God - who is beginning of all and exists everywhere. »

WHY DEATH ISN’T A BAD THING [Mar 5 – Page 579-580]

WHY DEATH ISN'T A BAD THING by Guru Nanak Dev ji > Crying over someone's death is of no use because they were God's creation and God took them back and it all happened with God's will. This is God's law and nobody can change it, therefore lets connect to God who will always exist. »

WHAT’S THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN LIFE [Feb 20 – Page 729-730]

WHAT'S THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN LIFE? by Guru Nanak Dev Ji - People who get this blessing don't need to chase anybody else, other than God, and their soul doesn't get any trouble after death because our soul becomes pure with God's blessing. God is capable of creating and destroying life-systems (planets). »

WHO IS GOD’S REAL FOLLOWER? [Feb 16 – Page 577-578]

WHO IS GOD'S REAL FOLLOWER? by Guru Arjun Dev ji ---- The real followers (devotees) of God are the ones who please God. The real truth is that God is no different from a Sant (Saint - the one who loves God and have no attachment to any form of Maya and always does Naam-simran). Just like water mixed with water becomes one, real followers' soul is always connected to God. These people understand t... »

Chaupai Sahib sung by Bhai Davinder Singh ji Sodhi

I came across this Shabad BEAUTIFULLY sung by Ragi – Bhai Davinder Singh ji Sodhi, so peaceful. Check it out. If you are stressed out or in pain, listen to this Shabad by Guru Gobind Singh everyday. It’s called Chaupai Sahib. What it’s saying is we should only have faith in The One Almighty God and Not look to anybody else for help. With faith and keeping God in our prayers, all ... »

Kyo Murgi Maarey (Why kill Chicken)…

Bhai Gurpreet Singhji (from Bombay) explains why Sikhs should not eat meat, from Guru’s perspective and from the perspective of animals that get killed for food. »

Jan 17 – Page 793-794

¬† Hukamnama by Bhagat Ravidas ji Page 793-794 The days that are passing are being used up everyday¬†¬†– instead of gaining new days, we are losing these days from our total lifespan. Everybody has to die one day, nobody will stay forever. Everybody around us has or will die, and we will too – the Jaws of Death are hovering over us, we don’t know when we will be taken. Hey fool: ... »

Happy Gurpurab (Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh ji)


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