Hukamnama by Bhagat Namdev ji
Page 693-694

**Hukamnama for days: Apr 6, Aug 22, Nov 7, [2014]: Jan 22, March 31

In the beginning when our world was created, it was like a field of flowers and all creatures are like swans. It appeared like the existence was dancing. First God created himself, then Maya he created Maya. Then Maya and God came together and God created all creatures.

This world is a nice garden created by God and all creatures are running around chasing Maya and controlled by Maya. Both men and women are running around because of their attachment to Maya (5 forms), but we need to understand that only God exists in all creatures. No matter how much running around we do – in the end we come to God.

Because everything originated from God, we should never forget God to chase Maya. Only God can save us from destructive Maya.


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