I WANT TO MEET GOD by Guru Arjun Dev ji

Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjun Dev ji
Page 703-704

**Hukamnama for days: Apr 8, Aug 9, [2014]: June 2< June 30

(According to Gurbani all souls are females whether they are in a male or female body). In this Hukamnama, a Gurmukh prays for a meeting with God. I am impatiently waiting, day and night, to meet with husband God. Guru has helped me disconnect from Maya and connect with Guru.

I love God like fish loves water and birds love the first rain drop. Someone please tell me the secret to meet God, I will offer him my head and ask for his blessing. There are so many other Gurmukhs who live a beautiful pure life. They inspire me and create the desire in me to meet God. I want to see what God is like.

Now my wish has come true – I met God. My ego and selfishness is now gone. The one who I have been seeking for so long now lives in my heart, now I am happy beyond imagination. God has accepted me and all of my wishes have come true. This blessing is obtained only by lucky ones.


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