Hukamnama by 5th Guru – Guru Arjan Dev ji
Page 639-640

– Guru Arjan Dev ji

God is the core essence of everything, he created this existence, and he embedded himself in human body, he is almighty and limitless. How do we see God? – by praising God and Guru – as Guru is can give us the knowledge of this universe. When we meditate to God, he blesses us with connection to him, he has more than everything we need and he eliminates all pain and suffering. God takes care of all creatures. The Guru connects us to God through the word (God’s name). When we keep God in our heart, and spend time with God’s people, our mind stops wandering and fear goes away. God gives us the knowledge of spiritual life. We taste eternal joy when we follow the Guru’s words.

God is within everyone and he watches everyone and listens to our conversations. When we forget God we die spiritually. God has the power to do anything and to make us do anything. We get rid of attachment to Maya (5 forms – Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) when we have God in our heart. When we start loving God we are blessed with True connection to God via Naam (constant connection to God via meditation). When God appears within us we start experiencing effects of God-Power and we understand how limitless God is and how God supports this world and the universe.

The Guru makes us content and we starting truly loving God and we should always want to do Naam-Simran (meditation to God). Those who don’t believe in Guru are stuck in vices that stem from Maya. God supports even people who don’t have any good qualities and provides for everyone. People who find the True Guru are lucky. There is no spiritual life without God.

I see God within me and around me and I never forget him. Those who forget God are always worried and die spiritually. God helps his followers cross this raging-ocean like life full of problems and blesses them with extra support. My mind becomes peaceful with diet of Naam-Simran. When we connect to God, he eliminates our past Sins.


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