Hukamnama by 1st Guru – Guru Nanak Dev ji
Page 565-566

– Guru Nanak Dev ji

Bathing at Pilgrimages is useless when you make your heart and body dirty with attachment to Maya. The true bath to purify yourself and accepted by God is when we earn the treasure of doing Simran (meditation to God) all the time. Simran connects us to God, we stay connected to God because we become one with God. The strange thing is that we can’t get out of the dirt of Maya and connect to God without God’s blessing. When we talk about spiritual knowledge (without using them in life) we destroy our spiritual life. When we meet God’s people we should talk about God and praise God.

God’s praise is also a blessing of God when he inspires us. He gives us blessing of Naam (God’s name in meditation). When we start enjoying God’s name, the problems disappear from our life and we enjoy eternal Joy. God exists himself in all creation and he blesses us to connect with him. Human life (of possible 8.4 million species) is a blessing and we become good or bad based on actions of our past life. We shouldn’t fight with people who we consider bad because it’s in God’s will. Trashing bad people is disrespecting God. Fighting with God is self-destruction.

God is our life support and we shouldn’t argue with God or try to become equal to God because when problems arrive we turn to God for help. We should accept both happiness and problems, as given by God, and we shouldn’t blame or argue with God because of our problems. The truth is that this life is given to us based on our past life.

God created everything and he cares for all. Everyone asks for good things and what makes life comfortable, nobody asks for bad things.Even though people asks for good things, but God only gives us what he desires. We do charitable donations and other religious acts in order to make our life more comfortable. But nothing compares to Simran. God blesses us with Simran since we are born. God created everything and he is compassionate towards all.


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